Notes for Exhibition Managers

We are amateur enthusiasts, members of Scarborough & District Railway Modellers ( and offer our exhibition layout for showing at your Model Railway Show.  We operate Computrains on a non-profit basis; and as usual with club events, we only ask for expenses to cover costs.

Computrains’ exhibition layout is a fully scenic N gauge layout, just as you'd expect to see at any exhibition.  Photos will soon be available in the gallery section or go to

Uniquely perhaps, it can also be used as a demonstration unit.  We set the layout up on shorter legs allowing it to be seen by those seated on chairs - others can then stand behind.  As well as attracting viewers to watch the computer control the trains on the layout, visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibitors by watching a short presentation and joining in with the Q & A sessions held thereafter.  The presentation lasts approx. 15 mins followed by questions.  The format is usually repeated every hour (but this is negotiable with each show manager).


Number of Operators: 2

Accommodation Required: 2 x single rooms

Transport:  The layout fits in a small hire van.

Demonstration layout has the following dimensions:

Actual Layout:  10ft x 5ft

Ideal Footprint: 16ft x 11ft allowing visitors to walk round.  However, it can be set up against a wall or at the end of a row of stands

Scale: 2mm:1ft, British N gauge, 1:148

Electrics: 1 x 13 Amp Socket

One table and a chair would be appreciated.

Power: 5 Amp Max

Safety:  RCDs Included

Total Value for Insurance Purposes: £12,000 (no single item valued over £1000)

If being used as a demonstartion unit, we need 10-12 Chairs allowing visitors to sit in front of the layout