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Who are Computrains?

Two brothers, one with time on his hands and the other still hard at work in the computer industry. After over 40 year’s absence from the hobby, we started again almost by accident – an anniversary present of a Hornby ‘Flying Scotsman’ set and, as they say, the rest is history!

One of us had the time; the other had the new train set and a few ideas! Soon we had a 16ft x 8ft analogue layout built in the attic. We learned a lot and started to look at what was happening with the hobby: we went to a few exhibitions and joined our local railway modelling club (Scarborough & District Railway Modellers). We started to think about what we could do with our next layout.

Immediately questions arose: What was DCC? How are computers involved? After a bit of research, a few experiments and test trials, we decided to design and build a DCC layout incorporating, if possible, computer control. However, we quickly realised we couldn’t do it on our own; family, friends and club members brought skills we did not yet possess and soon all were involved.

The project had begun.

Much, much later…

After a couple of the members of the local railway modelling club had been around to help with various aspects of the new layout, they could not help but notice the computer equipment. They already knew we had been experimenting but when they saw how we could now control the layout with the computer, they suggested we share our experiences with others. The club has its annual exhibition each August and soon we were persuaded to enter a demonstration layout for the next event.